Thursday, February 18, 2016

What I've Been Up To

                       Hello there! There are a lot of cobwebs in here. Did I hear crickets, too? I'm very sorry for abandoning this blog for more than three months. I've been concentrating on my photography and Instagram lately. You should join me on there if you haven't, yet.
Here are some photos that has something to do with yarns that I've posted in Instagram. 
 Only this rabbit was not made by me. It was a gift from my lovely friend Juliana Yap a few years back. Isn't she adorable?? I'll let you have a look at these photos now. I'll meet you at the end.

Hi again. At first I posted updates about my crochet projects on Instagram but now I've changed direction. This blog will see more of my photography journey instead of just crochet. I hope you don't mind about this too much.

Surprisingly, a lot of my photos were featured by great photography hubs there. I'm just starting out and still finding my niche but my confidence has been boosted so much that I'm going to buy a DSLR and or an Iphone soon so that I can take better photos.

I'm very excited in this new journey of mine and I hope you will support me along the way.
Thank you for visiting and I'll see you soon!



Yati said...

Hebat kak Aisyah ni! Gambar-gambar cantik, dah ala-ala gambar yang tengok kat Pinterest pulak, yang boleh tambah quotes atau inspiring saying tu.
Kusyen tu cantik, nampak stitches rapat dan kemas. Kipidap, kak Aisyah.
P/S: Yati dah tak boleh follow kat insta dah hasil photo kak Aisyah, sebab akaun yati kat insta dah delete, sebab kena hack aritu. Jadi, so glad that kak Aisyah akan share kat blog sini juga hasil photography. ^_^

Aisyah Helga said...

Thank you so much Yati for your lovely and sweet comments! Suka, suka, suka! Insya Allah saya akan kekalkan minat ni dan merajinkan diri utk update blog selalu :) Ohh..jadi Yati tk buka akaun baru?

Yati said...

Buat masa ni tak kot. Merajuk. Hehe..

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