Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Knitting Adventures

 I finally know how to knit! I've always, always wanted to learn and finally had the courage and patience. I was really happy when I did the stockinette stitch above as I love the look of it.
 This beanie/hat is my first project using straight knitting needles and I was still confused between purl and knit stitch. So, mistakes were inevitable.
 After that, I wanted to learn some lace stitches so I started some bookmarks. It was painstaking but enjoyable! And I couldn't resist making those leaves.
 My second attempt at making a beanie/hat. This time I used cable needles and knitted in the round. I also knitted a beanie using the magic loop technique but it didn't turn out so well. That's why there's no photo of it. I need more practice!
My first, ambitious big knitted item was a simple, top-down shawl which I loved knitting. There were two or five mistakes but overall it was a success. Blocking was a bit of a struggle as I do not have a steam iron and it's the raining season now but it turned out great.

I just started a new project. Another shawl but this time a lacy one that a friend recommended yesterday.
The pattern is called Birch Leaf Shawl. Here's the link if you're interested in knitting one, too. I hope it will turn out well and I will finish it as I've already made some mistakes but this pattern is forgiving so everything's okay so far.

I'm off to knit and read some, see you when I see you!

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