Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Popcorn Train - Cozy Cottage Popcorn Pillow

 Hello! Since I've been on the 'bubbles/bobbles/popcorns' train crocheting patterns with 'bubbles/bobbles/popcorns' stitches recently, I figured why not run with the theme. So, here is my version of the Cozy Cottage Crochet Popcorn Pillow by Craft Yarn Council.
Why did I change colors you ask? Weeell..Iranoutoftheblueyarns. So I improvised. I already had the back panel just hanging out waiting to be useful. It all came together in the end. I think the bright orange makes the pattern stand out, don't you? I used Milk Cotton yarns for the front panel and our local Nona yarns for the back.
 I did something a bit different with the closure. I added a couple rows at the top and added loops for the buttons. Next time, I'll add more rows instead of just three. The light blue yarn was just sitting near the front panel when I suddenly thought about a place somewhere far away, and decided to add it to the pillow.
 Santa Fe. The color inspiration for this pillow. I just love it!

So, now I'm off to read for awhile. Not sure if I'll be productive then. Just wait and see...Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, September 18, 2015

My Knobby Cushion Cover

 Actually, the pattern is called Textured Bubble Stitch by MyPicot. This pattern is pretty but it can be a tad boring after a while(for me, that is). I frogged four times at the beginning because as usual I didn't read the pattern properly. I know, I know, my bad. You should know, if you're going to do this pattern, that you have to turn your work after every row.
You can see the 'knobby' bits from this angle. So, to run with the theme of bubbles, I did a pom pom edging. Fun! I've used this edging three times now, all for cushion covers. It's real easy to do. You can find the pattern here.
I used dark purple yarns for the edging as it highlights all the colors of the cushion cover.
The back view. Just a simple granny square.

Now, I trying to figure out what I'm going to crochet or knit next. I have so many patterns that I can't choose one! Oh my...


Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Corner-to-Corner Baby Blanket

 Hello! After seeing a lot of crocheters making this C2C blanket on Pinterest, I had to make one, too. I love how easy and fast it goes. I watched a video on Youtube and a couple of tutorials I found for the pattern but I never finished them so..on and on I go. Mistake! I only noticed after almost finishing the second ball of yarn that it's never ending! What is going on?! Then I realized that I have to decrease when I get to the length that I want. So don't make the same mistake I made if you're interested in making this type of blanket as well :p
 The yarn is called Alize Sekerim. I thought that two balls of them was enough to make a baby blanket but alas it wasn't so..I had to improvised by using an almost similar colored yarns which was from the same company, Alize Burcum.
I chose this simple and pretty border after trying out another one which was frilly and just didn't match with the blanket pattern. I had second thoughts about the bold orange color but I think it works with the overall color scheme, don't you?

Okay! I'm almost finished with another project which is a cushion cover. Hopefully it'll be finished today so that I can show you tomorrow. See you then!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Still Past Projects - Bags

Hello again :) These are bags I've crocheted in recent months and I have to say this bag is my favorite. I forgot where I got the square pattern from but you could Google 'Chrysanthemum granny square' or something like that.
Another pic of the back and lining.
A bag I started a long time ago but just had the mood to attached the handle and sew the lining. I made up my own design using the Catherine's Wheel stitch pattern.
I love the colors of this bag! And the yarn, too, which is the Milk Cotton yarn from China. I followed a pattern from a Japanese book. I forget from which book it was.
I saw a friend's tutorial on how to sew the lining for a bag shaped like this and I did quite well, if I'd say so myself.
This bag was crocheted a few years ago but I only attached the lining recently.
My own pattern which mainly comprised of dc and ch1. Simple.
I bought a cheap sewing machine a few months ago and my first projects were these small pouches. I still have to practice sewing the zipper part which can get frustrating when they don't turn out the way I wanted them to.
I got ambitious and tried my hand at patchwork. It was almost perfect.
And lastly, a too long with a zipper small opening pouch but it's perfect for storing crochet hooks. I haven't been using my sewing machine in a while but you haven't seen the last of my 'new' sewing skills!

Have a great weekend
and take care!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Projects Past & Present

 Hello everybody! Looooong time no post, right? I've just been lazy but I hope to rectify that soon. Isn't that baby blanket just sweet?? It's my latest project that I finished last month. It's called the Fluffy Meringue Blanket by Yarnspirations. I love the pattern, yarn and colors! It's just perfect for a baby as a security blanket. I think if I made it bigger and in a bolder color it could be perfect for an adult, too. Let's have a closer look.
Pretty and sweet!
Okay, I'm going to blast you with projects I've made within these last few months so sit back and enjoy!
 The above pattern is from Dada's Place called the Primevera Flowers Granny square.
 I found this pattern one day while surfing Pinterest from a Swedish blog called 'so crocheted' when translated. I was very interested in creating a similar cushion cover with some minor adjustments. Although it looks easy to do but it did took quite some time.
 Ripple has always been my favorite pattern! I just crocheted a long length then sew it together like an envelope.
 This is the Flower Square VI from Color 'n Cream blog.
 Did you see the Japanese Flower cushion covers on Dada's Place? Aren't they just gorgeous?? And as usual I had to make one, too! Though I wrongly read the diagram so the flowers are a little wonky. Anyhow, I enjoyed making them. I was proud of myself for sewing my first cushion cover (envelope style), ever. I just hand sewed the crocheted piece onto it or rather the cover onto the crocheted piece.

Alright! So, today I've shown you all the cushion covers I've made and a blanket. Tomorrow will be the bags turn. I hope I've inspired you to make one cushion cover, at least :)
Take care and see you soon!


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